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Context: Independent Study | VCU Brandcenter Student Project
Team: Cole Farrar 
Toolkit: Adobe Creative Cloud, Eleven Labs, Wav2Lip
Role: Experiential Strategist & Designer


Extend Pringles Get Stuck In campaign beyond the screen.

Create a PR moment for Pringles, during the Super Bowl LVIII, to accompany their Get Stuck In campaign.


Pringles aren’t a common Super Bowl snack.

When party goers think of their favorite superbowl snack, the dips and finger foods surpass the chip that doesn’t compliment them.


There is a feeling of division among Super Bowl Party attendees. 

Different motivations for attending watch parties inevitably makes viewers feel stuck in siloed groups with no common ground.  


Pringles keeps you part of the party.

Provide a unified watching experience, by combining elements of the game, ad, halftime show, and snacks into one viewing experience.


The only place you should feel stuck.

Bring the can-hand right into the action of Super Bowl XVIII, by selecting and sending 500 people to the superbowl, with pringles cans attached to their hand.

Presented as if the stunt already happened.


Product Packaging

  • With product packaging to build anticipation for their super bowl moment, Pringles changed their traditional tube to have both the Super Bowl 2024 logo and chip preview windows. Consumers are able to see that inside the can is the only place you should feel stuck once you are finished snacking.


Super Bowl 2024 Stunt

  • Pringles selected and sent 500 people to the superbowl, with pringles cans attached to their hand and called them out throughout the entire game with a “Can Cam” takeover on viewers screens. With a  few special appearances.


Earned Media

  • Acquired earned media and starting a conversation surrounding the superbowl was the overarching goal of this stunt. It was successfully achieved by gathering attention on social media and even started a conversation on popular talk shows. 

  • I wanted to think big, and when it comes to creativity at a grand scale the Super Bowl is immense. But everyone does a traditional commercial advertisement, and I wanted to do something different. Unlike most viewing experiences, the Super Bowl isn’t a streamlined watching experience. So I imagined how I could account for someone like me, who is there for the ads, and can see eye to eye with those with different motives.

  • Presenting a stunt as if it had already been done was highly effective in storytelling.
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence to elevate the project was an excellent example of how emerging technology can be used for creative advantage.
  • If Taylor Swift can change the ways in which people watch football, why can’t Pringles?