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Context: Coca-Cola D&AD Competition | Brandcenter Student Project
Team: Cole Farrar, Dom Khun, Miranda Arias, Tahmari Tupponce, Selma Kettwich
Toolkit: Mintel, Social Listening, Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Role: Brand Strategist


Bring Gen Z into the world of Coca-Cola.

Develop a campaign bridging the gap between Coca-Cola and Gen Z, ensuring the brand remains at the forefront of their minds.


The work day never stops.

In an always-on, asynchronous work environment, workers are unsure when to step away from their to-do lists, often shying away from taking breaks.


Gen Z prioritizes work life balance over everything. 

Feeling the weight of juggling multiple side hustles or roles, this generation is fighting for a balanced life in new, unique ways.


Coca-Cola provides escapism from the monotony of the work day.

Position Coca-Cola as a refreshing resurgence of energy and joy to share with coworkers and friends.


Escape Together.

Invite workers to step into real refreshment during the workday with each other through an experiential pop-up and a nostalgic-aligned campaign.


Out of Home

Pushing the campaign to live on, static ads point toward the feeling that work escapism brings, no matter what your daily hustle looks like. Ads are strategically positioned in places of work or where people will come across them on their daily commute. 


Coca-Cola Soda Shop

To bring this campaign to life, "Sweet Escapes by Coca-Cola", is bringing back the iconic feeling of a soda shop. Inviting you to step into a space for a refreshing reconnect with one another. This replenishing "watering hole" will open on Labor Day 2024 in bustling midtown Manhattan, welcoming everyone into a happy escape inspired by slower times.


New Offerings

Coca-Cola vending machines will dispense limited edition cans, in work places across the globe to continue to invite you to slip away from your to do list. These cans will live on to inspire a feeling of a relaxing escape.

  • Diving into the trends of Gen Z’s thoughts, actions, and desires, we discovered tension in how other generations perceive their work style. While we respect their hustle, it felt natural to provide them with an escape from their constant grind. Considering Coca-Cola's commitment to the idea that "together tastes better," we aimed to encourage workers to step away from their workday together. Ideation was endless, and while our mission reminded us of a smoke break, we found our visual direction to be inspired by older times.

  • Crafting an enticing storyline calls for tension. We built upon this idea by finding relevant facts that should not be ignored.
  • Aligning to Coca-Cola’s positive, happiness-centered voice and tone was important when ideating creative executions and lines.